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Puppy Information

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At Walamara we take our responsibilities as Dobermann breeders and as dog owners quite seriously.

To that end, before we part with a puppy, we assure ourselves that prospective owners are able to give the animal a good home.

Usually we conduct an initial telephone interview, and often we will ask the people concerned to visit us to discuss owning a puppy.

Where this is not possible (for example, because of distance), we may chose to seek references.

From time to time, we have declined to sell puppies. Our guiding principle is that we always first look towards the safety and well-being of the puppy.

By doing this, over the years we have had few problems arising with our puppies.
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A healthy Walamara mother and her litter of contented puppies

Puppies are ready to leave Mum at 8 weeks

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Some Facts About Puppies

Your choice of a puppy should be seen as a lasting one, and also the beginning of a TWO-sided devoted relationship, spanning some ten years or more.

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The investment made at the purchase will be in direct relationship to the end result if you rear the pup correctly. This counts for both the cost of the pup, and also the time you invest in him/her.

A sound, typical, and healthy pup will be born from a typical, healthy, and mentally sound mother, in a clean environment, and of a vigorous and robust sire.

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Healthy pups are plump, bright, alert, and active. They are outgoing, with bright, dark eyes and a glossy, smooth coat.

When talking to a breeder about a pup, make clear your needs at the outset, and enlist their help to make your choice. This is one reason why it pays to work with a knowledgeable breeder who has both good experience and also a sound reputation.
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Obtain a feeding chart from the breeder, explaining things such as multiple feeding requirements and the calcium and vitamins needed for your pup to grow to his/her full potential.
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Be mindful of the size your Dobermann will reach as an adult (Males: 69 cm/27 inches at the shoulder, up to 39 kilos/85 pounds; Females: 65 cm/25 inches at the shoulder, up to 34 kilos/70 pounds). Also consider the amount of exercise he/she will need (and demand) for sound health in mind and body. 

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